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Breast Prosthesis

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Jag's offers several options for Breast Prosthesis. There are many different shapes and weights for a full prosthesis and a lumpectomy shell forms. The full prosthesis are to replace the natural breast after a mastectomy. If you have had a single mastectomy, the prosthesis is fit to level to your natural breast. For a double mastectomy, you can be any size, however the prosthesis may be different sizes depending on your surgery. 


The lumpectomy shell form is used if you had a lumpectomy. Sometimes, a lumpectomy will only remove a very small portion of breast tissue and a form may not be needed. However, some lumpectomies remove a large amount of tissue, leaving the affected breast smaller than it was and making you unlevel. The shell form is hollowed to accommodate the breast tissue that is still there while leveling you in your bras and clothes.


Jag's staff is fully trained and can fit you with the prosthesis that will fit your needs.


            Light Weight                           Full Weight


            Light Weight                           Full Weight

Lumpectomy Shell Form

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