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We are ALL in this Together

Jag's has been in business over 30 years. We originally operated as a hair salon on Pleasant Avenue in Hamilton, Ohio - over the years the owner's family suffered through many cancers and found it difficult to locate quality wigs and breast prosthesis, so Jag’s was born. Fittings first began in a back room of the hair salon with very few pieces to try on and almost everything had to be custom ordered.


As the demand for the wigs increased, there was less time to dedicate to cutting hair and eventually hair cuts, perms, and nails were stopped and fitting the wigs and breast prosthesis was full time. After 10 years at the salon in Hamilton, the store became too small to house all of the stock and Jag’s moved to a location on Nilles Road in Fairfield, Ohio where we have been for the last 20 years.


Our staff is fully trained and can assist you with all your questions.

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