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Kimberly was a teacher, mother, grandmother, wife, daughter and friend. Kimberly developed a very highly invasive and unusual form of breast cancer. The type of cancer is rare and not well understood. It is a triple-negative cancer that is resistant and will not respond to the three main lines of breast cancer chemotherapy. The cancer is unusual in another way, in that it is a "high metabolic" cancer with a metabolic rating of 60%.


This is an extreme cancer.  This fundraiser is raising research dollars to fund genetic research on this rare cancer and to develop an adjuvant therapy against the tumor cells using tumor tissue models. Development of a treatment protocol will benefit many other cancer patients in the future. In loving memory of Dr. Kimberly Koss, please donate today.

Kimberly's Cause

Women Supporting Women

To Learn More...

Koss National TNBC Research Foundation

Hot Pink Activism - Facebook Page

Triple Negative Breast Cancer - Hot Pink Activism

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American Cancer Society - Research Foundation

JAG'S         Interview for Kimberly's Cause

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