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Teddy Buddy & Shower Buddy

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Teddy Buddy (Camisole)

The Teddy Buddy provides step in comfort and stretch lace straps that can easily be pulled down for your doctor to examine you. On the day of your surgery, take your buddies with you to the hospital. The Teddy Buddy (Camisole) is to be put on after you wake up from your surgery. Put your drain tubes inside pockets and adjust the removable polly-filled breast form(s) to level yourself. The polly-filled breast forms should only be worn until your surgeon has cleared you to be fit for your silicone weighted breast prosthesis.


The advantage to Jag's Teddy Buddy is the side pocket design. This places the drain tubes along your sides, not in the front, making you look good in your clothing. This method also helps the fluid drain properly.


The Teddy Buddy is also a great product for someone undergoing reconstruction, as the polly-filled forms can be reduced with each expansion.


The Teddy Buddy is also covered by most insurance companies and has been approved and endorsed by many Cincinnati area breast surgeons.

Shower Buddy

(Drain Tube Holder)

Made of a soft mesh material, the shower buddy was designed to answer the question of what to do with your drain tubes when you take a shower. With a lanyard attached to the mesh pouch, you simply place the bulbs into the pouch and place the lanyard around your neck while taking a shower, leaving both hands free.  Mesh pouch holds up to 4 drains.


 The Shower Buddy has been approved and endorsed by many greater Cincinnati area breast surgeons.

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