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Whether you are a survivor of many years or someone who has been newly diagnosed, there are always questions. Here we have addressed many questions that we have answered over the years. If you do not see your question here or need additional information, please contact us.

What can I expect in my appointment?


During each appointment you can expect a tour of the building, during the tour the cousultant will advise what products are available. Depending on your specfic appointment type (hair loss or mastectomy, or possibly both) each experience is a little different. However, each appointment is very private.

I have to go through Chemotherapy, am I going to lose my hair?


This depends on the type of treatment that you are recieving. Your doctor will advise you what to expect while undergoing treatments.

I have lost my hair due to Chemotherapy, what are my options for head coverings?


There are many different options, such as wigs, hats, turbans, or a combination of the two. Most choose to have a wig as well as hats, this offers a selection for any occassion that may happen while undergoing treatments. 

Does Insurance cover wigs?

This depends on your insurance. Many will pay for a portion of your wig, however there are some, such as Medicare, that do not cover for a wig. Contact your insurance company, as they will advise you, if you have wig coverage when undergoing treatments. When you call the insurane company, keep note of the day and time you called, along with the person you spoke with and what coverages they quoted you.

How do I take care of my wig?

If you purchased your wig at Jag's Boutique, we provided you with a step by step instruction sheet on how to care for your wig. Here you can find another copy of those instructions.

Are your wigs available online?

Jag's Boutique does not sell wigs online for several reasons. Choosing a wig can be a daunting task, at Jag's we only sell wigs to individuals that have been fit for their wig, this ensures that the wig fits properly and that color and style are what you are looking for. Colors and styles in photos and online do not accuratly represent what the wig will look like on yourself. Jag's Boutique also does have a no return policy for wigs due to sanitation.

I am about to have breast surgery, what do I need to take to the hospital with me?


In addition to the items that your doctor recommends, we recommend that you take a post-surgical camisole (Teddy Buddy), as this has pockets to hold your drain tubes along with a polly-filled breast form to use as a temporary breast form. Even if you are going to undergo reconstruction, the camisole still can be worn, as the polly-filled breast forms can be reduced as the expanders are filled. A Shower Buddy is also recommended.

Does Insurance cover Breast Prosthesis & Bras?

This again depends on your insurance. Most insurance does cover some to all of the cost of these items. Contact your insurance to find out what your individual policy covers.

How often does insurance cover the breast prosthesis & bras?

Your specific policy will determine this, most policies will cover 1 breast form every 2 years (2 if you had a double mastectomy) and 2-4 bras every year. Contact your insurance to find out what your specific policy covers.

I had a double mastectomy, why do I need to wear breast prosthesis?


How do I take care of my Breast Prosthesis?

If you purchased your prosthesis and bras at Jag's, you were given an instruction sheet. Here you can find a copy of that instruction sheet.

Are there more awarness colors other than pink?

Yes there are. Each cancer has been given a color and an awareness month. Jag's Boutique carries many different items in the different awareness colors.

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